Monday, August 6, 2007

This is still a going concern

If anybody still occasionally takes the trouble to to pop over here and check if i've updated, i apologise for my recent prolonged silence. I've been on holiday in Croatia for a month trying (and failing) not to think about advertising. Before that i was all of a fluster getting ready to emigrate to London. I arrived on Saturday.

Normally people's travel tales are tooth-grindingly boring, so I'll try and keep Croatia-related content to a minimum, but it did give rise to a few new new thoughts on commuuncation and advertising.

For instance, when we arrived we recieved SMSs from T Mobile, asking us if we wanted daily weather forecast texted to us free each evening.

I presume this was supposed to be, at least in part, a marketing exercise for T Mobile. If that's the case, it failed spectacularly. The forecasts sometimes skipped a day, sometimes arrived two or three at a time. We were signed out of the service two or three times each, and asked to reapply several times - even when we were still recieving forecsts. All in all, it made T Mobile look like a pack of hacks.

On the other hand, if the Croatian tourist board wasn't involved, then it ought to have been. Every forecast was so alike, it became almost a standing joke between my girlfriend and me: Mostly Fine, Minimum 19, maximum 32, sea temperature 23.

Limited utility as a weather forecast, really, because you already knew what to expect, but a brilliant reinforcement of the county's reputation for beautiful weather.

So in essence, every evening I recieved a text (probably the only one i'd recieved that day), encouraging me to reflect on what a good time i was having.

Pretty good post-purchase reinforcement.

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