Saturday, December 1, 2007

Um...your strategy is showing

Despite myself, i quite like this little viral from Drambuie.

It's certainly not because "yobs don't like it" is an original strategy, or because it's executed with any finesse here.

In fact, I always kind of thought the way snobbery worked best was when you had some sort of a figleaf to hide behind, like when Lynne Truss types cast themselves as selfless protectors of clear communication, rather patrolmen policing class borders.

I think I like it because, despite its fairly cringeworthy endline ("For princes, not bogans"), it's actually not too hard on the guys it's supposed to be satirising.

In fact, I think most of them would be rather pleased with how they come off here.

The question is, in a country where working class credentials are so highly valued that even deeply religious mandarin-speaking ex-diplomats feel compelled to drop into broad strine and call everyone "mate" when they're running for prime-minister, will more people in the target audience come down on the side of the bogans?

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