Thursday, January 24, 2008

Advertising makes me dumber

blog readability test

Movie Reviews

Late last year I tried this and got a "Genius" rating.

Now I'm down to undergrad.

Evidence of a newfound pithiness? Or merely further testament to the rapid decline of my polluted grey matter?

Oh well, I think undergrad suits me better on a lot of levels.

I'm off to stick up my new Velvet Underground poster and look grumpy in the hope that a girl will think I'm deep and talk to me.


Jason said...

Sorry to be a pedant, but that's a Jeep ad. Land Rover would never lower themselves to that kinda stuff.

Cleaver said...

Whoops - sorry Jason. My bad.

It did strike me that there was a fair dissonance between the sentiment and what I thought Land Rover stood for.

But you have to understand: to follow it up, I would have to have cross checked what i wrote with the image directly beneath it.