Monday, February 18, 2008

Belated Valentine's Day post

This campaign's been growing on me.

I didn't like it at first - having both Cupid and Fate seemed overly complicated, making the idea an unnecessarily difficult "get". And the repetition of the 6 month guarantee is redundant, but I'm guessing that wasn't the agency's idea.

What saves the whole thing for me is the art direction. Particularly the casting and wardrobe of Fate.

Instead of looking like a cartoon of a geek, which is how a lot of people would have portrayed him, he looks like an actual geek. The small details are crucial - his stripy socks, his cheap, patterned tie. And his cape, which you can so easily imagine him thinking makes him look badass, is a lovely touch.

Pulling back everso slightly from the stereotype makes it much funnier.

It helps, of course, that they've got the media buy to be able to tell their story. I've not seen the TV, but even across the half-dozen odd poster executions you get the feeling of a couple of blokes just arsing about, doing absolutely anything they can to avoid work.

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Martin said...

You're right about the wardrobe, they've certainly gone into detail.

But, but, but... I just reckon the whole thing is too hard to 'get'. It certainly took me a day or two to cotton on to what was happening.

Although, seeing approximately thirty seven of these posters on my to and from work each day eventually hammered the idea into my head.

And the bloke playing 'Cupid' really annoys me. Trying too hard to look 'wacky' I reckon.

But then, I'm lazy. And the very idea of trying hard brings me out in a rash.